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More follow up to BYOD parent info session

One of the questions was “What apps do the kids actually have to have on their BYOD iPads?”

The apps that the teachers want the students to have are purchased by the school (if there is  a cost) and we push the free apps and the paid apps out to the students through our centralised system.  Of course, the students can also put their own apps on their iPads too, after asking parent permission!

These are the apps that we push out to the children:


Cardiio                                           Eplatform by wheeler

Expeditions                                   Explain everything

Human Japanese lite                   iMovie

iWordQ UK (learning support only)

Japanese – learn Japanese (Hello Hello)

Keynote                                          Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks

Learn Japanese Free                    My Script Calculator

NihongoGo                                    Overdrive library ebooks

Pages                                               Popplet

Puppet Pals HD directors pass     Self service Mobile

Tap typing                                        Tellagami




Follow up information from BYOD parent info night 23/11/16

2016 Year 6 and 7 BYOD (iPad) Program

Dear families,

Further to our parent meeting held on 23rd November, here are the links that we looked at in the workshop

Information about Apple IDs –

Information about Find My ipad

Apple Purchasing Portal and choose the Apple Store BYOD link

A hands-on workshop for parents on setting restrictions, using guided access at home and shut down timers will be early in Term 1 2017

If you have any questions about the BYOD program, please send me an email at

Happy holidays,

Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

08 8276 1523


BYOD session for parents of students in Year 6 and 7 in 2017

26th October 2016


Dear families,

There will be a session for parents on Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 6.30-7.30pm to give you some more information about the 2017 BYOD iPad program for Year6/7 students.  We have also sent home a “CLGPS FAQ” booklet  which hopefully will address many of your questions. It is also available by clicking this link:


However, if you still have questions about the program, please email them to me at and I will endeavor to answer them at the parent night. Students do not need to attend this session.

If you are attending the parent session, please email your reply by Monday 21st.


Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

What’s happening with the BYOD iPds?

Dear families,

At the end of last year, the week after school had finished, the IT techie and I ensured that the BYOD system was all up and running, that kids could connect to the network and we could push apps out to them – which was all successful.

In the second week of this term, the technician and I went to each class and managed to enroll all the students who had their ipads into the management system and connect them to the wifi and internet.  When we tried to push apps out to them, we found it didn’t work.

It has taken the best part of 4 weeks to work out that the Education Department (whose filtering and internet systems we have to use) had changed their certification and it was rejecting our ipad management system and not allowing us to use it properly. This meant we could not fix any issues with kids connecting to the wifi/internet nor could we get apps out to them that we had purchased. We had to wait for the Dept to make changes to get things moving.

This Wednesday (the technician only works Monday and Wednesday) was planned for us to go to each 6/7 class and finally get it all sorted.

HOWEVER, a local electricity transformer exploded on Saturday which shut down all our servers and actually fried our internet box. None of the teachers and students had internet til this morning.

SO, hopefully the compounding errors have all been rectified and we can finally get the BYOD happening properly.

I can assure you that we are most certainly doing our best to rectify problems that occur on site and that we do our very best to expedite problems that occur because of external influences.

I hope this answers some questions about why the BYOD iPads have not been used much in classrooms yet this term.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about BYOD,


Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

Recall of Apple Chargers

In a week or so, I will be offering a “bring in your old and swap for a new charger” service for families who need to change their Apple chargers over in the Apple product recall. (Not just limited to the BYOD iPads, it can be any of your Apple  products) The tech company that we use, Leetgeek, are providing me with the chargers in advance so that this can be done more easily for our families. You can of course approach any Apple reseller yourself at any time to organize your charger change over. Keep an eye out on this blog for exact dates and times for school based swap days.

Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

screenshot of leetgeek’s Facebook post about the recall



Short hands-on parent session: Using Parental controls on the ipad

A paper note will come Friday (5th) to all families  about our parent workshop but I thought I’d post it here too in case yours doesn’t make it home! (Some kids may not want their parents to know how to use these controls!)

Please see the attached flyer for details of a short, hands-on parent workshop next Weds, 10th Feb in the CLG staff Room. We will learn how to set restrictions, use the shut down timer, guided access function and some other assistive technology functions.

You will need to bring an iPad!  You will need to know the unlock passcode of the iPad!

parental controls workshop 2016

Please return the RSVP slip to me via your child’s teacher or with an email to by Tuesday 9th Feb at the latest.


Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

Reminder – 2016 BYOD (iPad) parent info session RSVP by 18/9/15

For the families of students who will be in years 6 and 7 in 2016

There will be a parent information session on:

Monday 21st September

in the staffroom


Please RSVP to if you are  coming.

Here is a copy of the CLGPS BYOD FAQ booklet.


If you have any unanswered questions after reading the FAQ, please email them to me and I will endeavor to answer them at the information session.

Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal

More info for 2015 Year 5 and Year 6 Parents re BYOD iPad program for 2016 Year 6/7 students

Hi Everyone,

Please open the link below to read a comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” booklet about the 2016 Year 6/7 iPad program.


There will be a parent information session on Monday 21st September 6.30-7.30pm. Please RSVP by Friday 18th September to with the number of adults attending.  A reminder about this workshop will be posted nearer the time.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ booklet, please email them to me and I will endeavor to answer them at the parent workshop.


Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal