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Attention 2017 Reception parents re: Monday 30/01

Dear Reception Parents ,

We are excited about the year ahead and meeting with reception parents in each classroom, at 11.30am on Monday 30th January. Class teachers will be providing parents with useful information to support a successful transition to school for the reception students.  Unfortunately, at this stage, the forecast for Monday is 38 degrees with a possibility of showers. Should Monday’s forecasted temperature (Sunday evening) exceed 35 degrees or if it is raining, the play in the park between 12pm and 1pm will be cancelled. The teacher information session will go ahead, regardless of the weather.  If the play in the park goes ahead, it is completely optional and students are welcome to bring along their own lunch and have a play with their new peers. It will also provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school on 8276 1523, Rick Bennallack on 0412 261 231 or email the class teacher or Jodie Cunningham at

We look forward to seeing you next week! Veronica Scicchitano, Sarah Grant, Steph Coutts, Kylie Booth and Renae Simmons

Ebook for children who will be starting at CLG in 2017


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On your iPhone or iPad, you can access the iTunes bookstore to download and read the epub interactive book about “Starting at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School” with your child (free)

Please click this link to be taken to the iTunes store.

If you have an android device, click this dropbox link to download the ebook in its epub form

If you do not have a device that can use epub books, feel free to download the pdf version of the book here Starting at CLG book 2016 to 2017


Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions

Louisa Guest



For Receptions of 2016

Please visit this blogpost on a smart phone or tablet device so that you can download and read the epub interactive book about “Starting at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School” with your child.


If you have an android device, you may like to download the free book directly from here (see link below) It is 14MB in size and may be slow to load

Starting At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School