Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

There has been a confirmed case of hand foot and mouth disease at school.

 Symptoms include a slight fever, tiredness, loss of appetite, blisters in the mouth and on the hands and feet and a sore mouth for a few days before the blisters appear. Affected young children may refuse to eat or drink.

 Incubation period: 3-5 days

 Infectious period: As long as there is fluid in the blisters. Faeces can remain infected for several weeks.

 Control of spread: Exclude children form child care, school, pre-school until all blisters have dried.

4 thoughts on “Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

  1. Concerned Mu


    1) What year level did the confirmed case come from? As a concerned parent, it would help me greatly to know if my children are more or less likely to come into contact with infected person/s.

    2) Do you have any links to health information you could include?

    3) Considering it’s a virus, spread through mucous (coughing, sneezing), saliva, feaces… Should swimming be cancelled? Considering how many viruses ‘go around’ during swimming time – as the kids get all sorts of ‘bugs’ from others in the pools…

  2. Judy Croft

    Whose class is most likely to be affected? If year 4/5 cohort should those parents get a little more information so that they can be aware to look out more closely for symptoms?

    1. guestclg

      There is no more information to give out other than the info we have already given and the link to the health handbook.


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