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Cricket Nets 2013

Dears Parents & Friends of CLGPS


As you may be aware the Mitcham City Council is reviewing current Community Land Management Plans with particular focus on MortlockPark . We urge all parents to respond to the forums  and any consultation meetings held to help us establish the need for the provision of additional facilities such as cricket nets for our students on Mortlock Park. After lengthy consultations(4yrs) and investigations it has been  established that Mortlock Park is the only viable option for nets  for our students to use for practice and would have minimal impact on public amenity. Council recognised this by giving “in principle support “ but has been hampered by sections of the Community Land Management Plan. Opportunities to voice your opinions and seek changes are being organised by council. Local ward forums are one avenue for this.

Gault Ward Community Forum

Notice Contact City of Mitcham
Phone 08 8372 8888
Notice Address 131 Belair Road
Notice Email mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au


Community Forums provide an opportunity for residents to meet with Elected Members, ask questions and talk about local issues.


Residents are invited to attend their local Community Forum for the Gault Ward for residents of Clapham,ColonelLightGardens(part), Hawthorn, Lower Mitcham andWestbourneParkat the City of Mitcham Mayor’s Parlour,131 Belair Road,TorrensParkfrom 7 pm to 9 pm on Monday 11 February.


Residents are invited to submit questions in writing at least one week prior to the forum addressed to Governance Officer, Virginia Fisher, PO Box21, Mitcham Shopping Centre, Torrens Park SA 5062 or email mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au

2013 After Hours Sport Registrations

After Hours Sport
Did you miss the Sports Registration Night ? Don’t worry, you can still register. Contact the Coordinator of the sport on the number below or visit the front office and pick up a Registration Form for your sport.
Cricket – Barry Earl 0423 027 354
Basketball – Graeme McDonald 0149 851 534
Softball – Liz March 0435 015 788
Netball – Sue Camero 0438 704 266
Football – Annette Wilson 0417 811 329
Soccer – Wyatt Groth 0408 802 348

Aquaintance Night – Tues 19th February

The R-1 Classrooms are open from 6:00-6:45pm and your child will have a series of tasks to complete with you to provide you with a really good understanding of their classroom and specialist programs.

Year 2 classes will also be open from 6:00-6:45pm, please go straight to your child’s class.

Year 3-7 classes will meet 7:00- 7:45pm. Years 3-5 will meet in classrooms, with the Year 6/7 classes will initially meet in Langley Hall.

Please note there will be not general meeting between sessions.