Reminder DISCOS today/ tonight

Students Disco on Thursday 27th June, with all money raised going towards the SRC goal of replacing playground equipment. The theme is ‘Sports Players and Sports fans’. The disco times are:

R/1                   During lunch (Entry $2, which includes chips and a drink)

Years 2-4:         5pm to 6:15pm (Entry $3, drinks $1.50, chips $1.00 and glow sticks 2 for 50c)

Years 5-7:         6:30 to 8:00pm (Entry $3, drinks $1.50, chips $1.00 and glow sticks 2 for 50c)

For safety reasons, at the end of the two evening sessions, students will be asked to wait on the verandah outside the gym door until they are met by an adult. Please ensure that you are on time collecting your child.

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