Daily Archives: June 24, 2014

LapAthon Wet Weather Plan

The LapAthon goes ahead this Friday 27th June, but using an alternate route.

How unlucky! The blast of wet weather we usually expect in July has arrived early – just in time for our LapAthon!  Mortlock Park is too wet and muddy and the weather doesn’t look like clearing for at least a further week, so a delay doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

We have decided to go ahead this Friday, but use an altered track that is on bitumen. The Reception to Year 2 students will walk the interior perimeter of our school, while the Year 3 to 7 students will use a track that will include some footpaths and the laneway. The tracks will be measured to ensure that they are similar in length to the distances used as a basis for getting sponsors.

The event is still dress-up and we still need lots of help from parents and friends. We hope to see you on Friday – but dress warmly! The students will be warm from running, but it will be cold for spectators and ‘officials’.

Please assist your child to gain sponsors and to organise their costume, if they are dressing up. See you on Friday!