Don’t forget Family Picnic tomorrow night, 5 – 8pm.  Come for a great family/ friend outing and enjoy the last of the Day Light Savings.

Buy your tokens early by the flagpole $2 each after school and morning at the Hall kitchen. They will be available on the night as well.  Get in early then you won’t have to queue up.

Sausage in Bread                  1 token

Soft drink / Water                 1 token

Cake Stall       2 pieces          1 token

Face Painting                         1 token

Henna Tattoo                        1 token

Jumping Castle                      2 tokens       (5 mins)

Balloon Creations                 2 tokenS

Raffle tickets are also available   –   $1 each     or     $5 book  (6 tickets!)

1st Prize          4 tickets to Rumplestiltskin                            $150

2nd Prize         Double Pass ‘Things I Know to be True’        $140

3rd Prize          Double Pass ‘Things I know to be True’        $140

4th Prize           Entertainment Book                                        $ 65

5th Prize           Cimarosti Butchers Voucher

6th Prize           Cactus & Co                                                       $ 25

7th Prize           Café Astros Voucher                                        $ 25

8th Prize           Café Astros Voucher                                        $ 25

9th Prize            Balloon Creation

10th Prize          Donation from Slush Happy

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