Wednesday, 22nd June 2016


Adelaide Town Hall

‘LIGHTING UP THE ARTS’ is a special event for every Year 3-7 student, occurring every two years to celebrate the strong tradition of the performing arts in our school.

The tickets are $20.00 each, GST inclusive

Tickets only need to be purchased for audience members

Due to the number of seats available, in the first instance tickets are limited to 2 tickets per family (not per student).

After all families have been given an opportunity to purchase, remaining tickets will be made available for purchase.

Seat allocations will be made by the school at the end of the ticket purchasing period.


ROUND 1:         Friday 3rd June to Thursday 9th June – 2 tickets per family

Preferred payment method is online through the Website \ Parent Information \ Online Payments

– use the BPoint option on the left                 

ROUND 2:         Tuesday 14th June to Thursday 16th June

Additional tickets can be purchased at the finance window until allocation is exhausted


DISTRIBUTION:               Friday 17th June

Tickets will be collated and allocated to seats and sent home (office will have record of seat numbers)

Every ticket will have a seat number and will be collected by Adelaide Town Hall Ushers.

While every effort will be made to seat all tickets purchased per family together, this can not be guaranteed.



Friday 3rd June:                  Family A purchases 2 tickets

Tuesday 14th June:            Family A purchases an extra 2 tickets

Friday 17th June:               4 tickets sold to Family A allocated seats

The tickets have been costed to cover the bus into the Town Hall for rehearsal, all venue, technician and instrument costs.

Many options have been investigated to ensure the fairest way to make tickets available to all families.

Unfortunately online options do not allow us to restrict numbers per family, only per transaction.

We have to ensure that no families miss out on the opportunity to attend due to tickets selling out.





  1. AV

    Will there be an option for people to select their preferred seating, or will seats be allocated from front to back in order of payment being made?

    1. Louisa Guest

      We are allocating seats on June 17th so there is no need to allocate in order of payment. We have done this because if we had used an online ticketing system, the first two seats would not be next to any extra seats purchased after the initial ticket run. We can make sure families are placed together if they buy more tickets in the second round. This will alleviate the massive queues we see (and camping out) for tickets on day one. There are more than enough for all families to buy 2 tickets in the first round so it won’t matter WHEN you buy them during that first run – you are guaranteed your two seats. If you then buy 2 more tickets in the second run, we will place those 2 next to your first two when we allocate seats on June 17th. All ticket purchase go into a box and we are pulling them out randomly for seating order.

  2. AV

    If a person tries to buy 4 tickets in their first transaction, how will a check be made to ensure that they are for two different families?

  3. tammyriley

    It sounds like you’ve thought through all possible options. Well done! Lighting up the Arts is always a great night 🙂

  4. Tammy Riley

    Hmmm I just tried to purchase online but I don’t know the family ID or invoice number? What’s the best way to find this out?

    1. clgpschool Post author

      Your Family code is the first 4 letters of your last name, so yours is RILE01. You can usually find this code on your invoices or on the top of receipts from the CLG cash register. Family ID is also called the customer ID on the receipts.

  5. Cas Crawford

    Can I confirm we don’t need to buy a ticket for the student? My son (student in year 3) said I need to buy a ticket for him as well as us?

    1. Louisa Guest

      Hi Cas, you are right. You DO NOT need to buy tickets for students who are performing. You will need to buy a ticket for any other children you bring along to watch – no children on laps is allowed at the town hall


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