Medical Care Plans and the Medication Authority Form are being made available here for download.

REMINDER:                                                                                                                                                      A Medication Authority is required for all medications, prescribed or those purchased over the counter. If student requires more than one medication to be administered, a separate Authority is required for each individual medication. 

All medication, both prescribed and/or those purchased over the counter must be labelled with a pharmaceutical label and include students’ Name, D.O.B, and dosage instructions. The information on the Pharmaceutical label and on the Medical Authority must correspond for staff to be able to administer medications under DECD policy guidelines.

NB. Medication Authorities may be completed and signed by either your GP or the dispensing Pharmacist however –  ALL Care Plans are required to be completed and signed by either your GP or Medical Specialist.     

General Health Information

MEDICATION AUTHORITY (required for ALL medications to be administered at school)

Medical Information & First Aid Plan – (Medical Condition non-specific)

Asthma Care Plan

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Allergic Reactions Action Plan – (NON Anaphylaxis)

Diabetes Care Plan – Insulin Pump

Diabetes Care Plan – Insulin Injections

Seizure Care Plan



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