End of Year concert Information

2016 School Concert Information  SAVE THE DATE!

                       “It takes two”      

On Thursday 8th December, we will be holding our Term 4 concert at school. Classes will be performing items together and all children will showcase their performance skills.  The concert will begin at 6.30pm and we hope to finish around 8pm. We ask that children be at school and meet in their classrooms by 6.15pm. Prior to the concert there will be a range of food stalls and drinks available for purchase. For those of you who plan to come early for tea, a siren will sound for students to move promptly to their rooms at 6.15pm.

For the new members of our school community, the concert is held in the yard with a hired stage area near the large pine tree.  The audience is asked to bring your own chair and choose a spot facing east. Chairs can be set up from 2pm on concert day, Thursday 8th December Please be considerate of others when setting up your space.  Any chairs placed before 2pm will be removed. We are happy for parents to wait in the laneway adjacent to the basketball court but ask that no one comes onto school grounds during lunch play.   Families are reminded that this is a school event involving children and the school grounds are deemed a “dry zone”. No alcohol is to be consumed on school property at this time.

During the concert, the children will be seated with their teachers in front of the stage. We ask that students stay with their teachers and are not to be given food and drink during the concert.  They CAN bring their water bottles with them to their class sitting area.  Teachers may ask you if you have a rug or tarpaulin that the class can sit on during the performance. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you can assist. The concert will showcase all students and will provide you with a great night’s entertainment.  Please feel very welcome to bring along grandparents or friends, as long as they bring their own chair!

At the end of the concert, it will be twilight and therefore we need to take extra care of the students.  They will be released to you from different areas of the school.  These are set out below.  Please wait patiently at these meeting places. The teacher will have a roll sheet that needs to be signed by parents. Any lost or remaining children will be sent to the Front office for collection.

Rooms 1-9 in front of the Grange Building

Rooms 11-14 at the rear of the stage

Rooms 16-18 at the eastern end of the Mortlock Building

Rooms 19-21 at the western end of the Mortlock Building

Rooms 22-24 near the verandah of the Reade Unit

Rooms 01-04 at the front of the stage

It will be a great night of song and dance as we perform an “It Takes Two” theme.  We look forward to sharing this wonderful evening with you.

Kind regards,

Louisa Guest and Marian Woodlands


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    1. Louisa Guest Post author

      Whoops! Room 15 will meet parents after the concert at the REAR of the stage with rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14


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