More follow up to BYOD parent info session

One of the questions was “What apps do the kids actually have to have on their BYOD iPads?”

The apps that the teachers want the students to have are purchased by the school (if there is  a cost) and we push the free apps and the paid apps out to the students through our centralised system.  Of course, the students can also put their own apps on their iPads too, after asking parent permission!

These are the apps that we push out to the children:


Cardiio                                           Eplatform by wheeler

Expeditions                                   Explain everything

Human Japanese lite                   iMovie

iWordQ UK (learning support only)

Japanese – learn Japanese (Hello Hello)

Keynote                                          Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks

Learn Japanese Free                    My Script Calculator

NihongoGo                                    Overdrive library ebooks

Pages                                               Popplet

Puppet Pals HD directors pass     Self service Mobile

Tap typing                                        Tellagami




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