Daily Archives: March 20, 2017


ICT Committee – Parent nominations – First meeting Thursday 23rd March 3:30pm

Our first ICT Committee meeting will be this Thursday 23rd March at 3:30pm. This committee discusses the current landscape and plans future directions of ICT and digital technologies at CLGPS. Last year it consisted solely of staff members, however we are keen to have parent input into these matters. This is a final call for any parents interested in nominating to be a member of this committee. If you are interested, please email Ashley Blight at Ashley.Blight57@schools.sa.edu.au

Parent and Principals Forum


After a successful start last year, we will be holding another Parent and Principals Forum next Thursday March 23rd at 9:00am and again repeated on that day at 6:30pm. The purpose of the forum is to have a 2-way conversation with our school community about a range of educational and school related matters. Depending on the ongoing interest we plan to do this once a term.


At this term’s forum we are keen to hear from parents. Please bring your ideas, questions and concerns. To start off for 10 minutes, I will give a brief report about the progress of the school as highlighted at our recent AGM. The rest of the meeting will be open questions.


So we can plan ahead, if you are interested in attending either session please contact the school on 8276 1523 or email dl.0723.info@schools.sa.edu.au to book in. If you would like to send in any questions before hand please do so.