Daily Archives: March 23, 2017

Enterprise Day 2017 is coming!

Enterprise Day is on Wednesday 12th April starting at 12.30pm and finishing at 2.00pm. Parents, family, friends and community members are invited. It is an opportunity to provide real world learning experiences for students. Students set up a range of stalls and activities and any profits go towards supporting school facilities and equipment.

We are beginning to get excited! Students are organising their stalls, figuring out costs, pricing and profit margins, designing advertising campaigns and making items for sale. Further details will be sent home in the form of a brochure closer to Enterprise Day.

Please remember that Enterprise Day is an important part of the learning programme, particularly of the Australian Curriculum areas of Economics and Business, Mathematics, Health and English for all year levels and that the class reflecting on their experience as stall holders and customers is essential to this learning. For this reason we will not be dismissing children early to go home with parents or grandparents. The school day finishes as normal at 3:10pm.