Parent information session – Follow up resources

On Wednesday 10th May, we had a parent information session titled, “The effects of food on children’s behaviour and learning”. This was organised by the Education Sub-Committee, a very involved and committed group of parents looking to provide further learning opportunities to our school community.

The workshop was presented by Natalie Parletta and we had a great turn out for a cold night! It was an intriguing presentation and many attendees have requested further information.

Attached below are some of the web links provided by Natalie along with a PDF version of her presentation on the night. This has all been provided with Natalie’s consent.

Sue Dengate Food Intolerance Network:

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit:

Joan Breakey Food Intolerance Pro:

Ellyn Satter Institute:

CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids:

Get your kids to eat everything – The French Way:

Natalie Parletta School presentation 2017- PDF

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