CLG Professional photo shoot Thurs 09/11/2017

7th November, 2017

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

If you have ever visited our website you would see the photos we have are of students currently in year 11 or 12 in the old sky blue uniform. It is time for an update!

Thanks to the generosity of 2 of our parents, Suzi Ting and Randy Larcombe, on Thursday 9th November these professional photographers will be spending the day taking photos of our school, students and staff. These photos will then be used for updating our website and other promotional purposes. Students will be randomly selected to be photographed throughout the day. Those students who don’t have permission to be photographed will not be involved.

We would appreciate your assistance in ensuring students are in full school uniform, looking their best.

Yours sincerely

Rick Bennallack

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