Registration of Interest (Placement in Year 8 in a South Australian Government School (ED 176) forms are due back to the Front Office TOMORROW.

Irrespective of whether your child is going to private schooling, interstate or overseas in 2018 these forms need to be returned with this information. We are required to follow up with parents who do not return a form.

If you are interested in applying for placement into an ‘out of school zone’ public high school, you must address the 5 criteria listed on page 2 of the ED176 form.

 You DO NOT need to add supporting letters/documentation like in previous years, except for:

*proof or residence if you have recently moved,

*seeking a sibling right placement to an ‘out of school zone’ application, you must attach a copy of the older sibling’s current Student Photo ID to the application.

*If your child has been accepted to a particular school, please make sure you tick the corresponding box AND attach a copy of the acceptance letter.



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