Winter Sports – Netball / Football / Soccer / Basketball – Register Now!

Winter sports registrations are now open!

Parents can now register their students to play Netball, Football, Basketball or Soccer in Terms 2 and 3.

More information about each sport can be found in the attached PDF:

Afterschool sports info WINTER 2018-1chwc5q

After school sports can’t happen without a huge amount of parent participation. Please consider if you can contribute by taking on a coaching, managing or coordinator role.

Please be quick as registrations will close on Friday 9th March! (Two weeks away)

You can register online at:



‘Parenting – It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ workshop

CLG will be hosting a 30 minute workshop on Monday February 26th called ‘Parenting – It’s a marathon not a sprint’ presented by a DECD Behaviour Coach Mat Haslett. Mat is highly experienced in dealing with a host of complex issues in schools and has garnered a wealth of information to support parents and families.

Topics may include:

Sleep – I’m grumpy when I’m tired…. . It’s likely that students will not cope as well  with yard injustices if they are tired.

Strategies around this and how environment and attention can influence sleep success. Also links into screens in bedrooms and cyber stuff later.

No and wait – If “no” is the start of a negotiation at your house, it is likely that your child will not cope when a teacher says “no” to them in a classroom.  The definition of “no” and the consistency around this is crucial for classrooms to function smoothly. I’ll discuss this and ways to preserve your “no” and not undermine yourself if you change your mind as a parent. Waiting is a skill. At home, you can drop everything and “service” your child straight away as soon as they make a request of you – OR you can make them wait a bit. If they can’t wait for you at home, this is a sign that they may not be able to wait in a classroom setting. Manufacturing times when your child waits is important.

Meals together – Staying connected is money in the bank for you as children get older. During teenage years, parent

influence declines and peer influence increases. Having meals together is a solid mechanism to discuss topics and at times override some of the expert opinion from peers. These routines are difficult to establish when children are older. It is best to do it earlier in their life – ie now.

Transitions from Prefered to non-prefered activities – Practicing the transition from a prefered to a non-prefered activitiy at home can assist your child greatly at school. Stopping a game and setting the table. Stacking the dishwasher, feeding pets…. Doing non prefered activities is crucial. If you can’t get your child to transition from one to the other, you can expect that a teacher may have the same issues in the classroom. Collectively we need to practice. Repitition is crucial.

Developing independence – Doing things for others. Working out that the world is not all about them. Plus doing things for themselves. Giving children a space to grow into. ie don’t unpack their bag when they get to school. Get them to make their recess. Let them walk to school…. Give them space with support.

WHEN: 6.30pm on Monday February 26th


RSVP / TO BOOK: via with the code d2qsj

Following the workshop, we will be holding a brief AGM. All interested parents, relatives and community members are invited to come along and hear short reports about the progress of our school. There will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The meeting should only last for 30 minutes.

It has been great to receive some new and returning nominations. I would encourage anyone interested to fill in the form and return it to school. Nominations forms are available from the Front Office or click on this link  Governing Council nomination-1rdph3c

Positions available for nomination for Governing Council include


Deputy Chairperson

Treasure and Chair of Finance Advisory Subcommittee


Positions available for nomination for Subcommittee include

Finance Advisory

Grounds and Facilities







Call for Cricket Players – Years 2-5

Our after school sports seasons are about to get underway but two of our cricket teams are short a few players for two competitions:

Year 2/3 students – Kanga Cricket  

If you have never played before, that is no problem! It is a really fun form of cricket aimed to get everyone involved and having fun! We currently have 12 players and need 14-16 total to make two teams.

Parents, we also require one more coach. We have another very experienced and supportive coach, Mark Eichler who will be coaching the other Kanga team at the same time.

There are no trainings and games are on Fridays from 6pm-7pm at Glandore Oval. You need nothing apart from your school uniform, hat and a drink bottle.

Year 4/5 students – C-Grade Cricket

We have two really enthusiastic coaches ready to start the season, Justin Sexton and Jon Allen. There are Wednesday night trainings at Pasadena from 4:30pm-5:30pm and games are on Fridays from 5pm at various venues. Pasadena HS is our home venue.

If you are interested in joining either teams, please contact Ashley Blight before Tuesday 13th February for registrations details.


The Fundraising Committee is holding its first meeting for 2018.

If you are interesting in joining the committee invites you to come along and join in.

Our first meeting is being held tomorrow, Tuesday 6th February,

at 9:00am in the READE BUILDINGS new meeting room.

We welcome who wishes to contribute to our Fundraising events.

Kelly Gilbert