Parvovirus B19 Infection (Fifth disease or slapped Face)

There is one confirmed case of slapped face at school in the Year 2 cohort.

Infection caused by parvovirus B19 generally causes only a mild illness. However if a pregnant woman is infected, the infection may be transmitted to the foetus.  A pregnant woman who has had exposure to the virus should seek the advice of the doctor managing her pregnancy.

Spread of infection is by direct or indirect connection with airbourne droplets from coughing or sneezing..

Incubation period is 4-14 days though may be up to 20 days.  Once a rash appears, the sufferer is no longer infectious.

For more information, please read the information below from the “You’ve got What?” book.


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Year7 – Year8 Transition Process

On Thursday 13th April we will be sending home with the Year 7 students the 2018 enrolment package addressed to the enrolling parent. It contains an information booklet and an Registration of Interest and Placement in Year 8 form (ED176). The form is due to come back to our school office by May 26th (end of week 4, Term 2) and will then be collated and submitted to DECD.

Irrespective of whether your child is going to private schooling, interstate, overseas in 2018 these forms need to be returned with this information. We are required to follow up with parents who do not return a form.

If you are interested in applying for placement into an ‘out of school zone’ public high school, you must address the 5 criteria listed on page 2 of the ED176 form. You may attach supporting documentation to the application.

Also, if parents are seeking a sibling right placement to an ‘out of school zone’ application, you must attach a copy of the older sibling’s current Student Photo ID to the application.

If your child has been accepted to a particular school, please make sure you tick the corresponding box.

It is important that parents read the information book carefully. Once you have received the packages, please contact the school as soon as possible, if you have any questions.

After Hours Sport – Players required to complete teams.

A/Hours Sport : Urgent – Players required

Coordinators are finalising teams and have a few gaps to fill so additional teams can be formed .

Soccer – there are spaces for Yr2s, 3s and seniors

Netball – spaces for Yr 6/7s

Please contact:

David Brammy for Soccer at

Elisa Holt for Netball at

Registrations will be reopened for players at these levels.