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Volunteer Training Sessions

New Volunteer Training Sessions are

Session 7  –  Wednesday 27/2  –  2:15pm

Session 8  –  Monday 4/3  –  9:00am

Session 9  –  Tuesday 5/3  –  6:30pm

You may book by calling the Front Office on 8276 1523 or

send email att: Tash at


End of Year Dismissal Reminder


In term 3 the Governing Council approved an earlier closure in term 4 only of 1:00pm rather than the regular end of term finish at 2:10pm. This change was announced in the 9th of August 2018 newsletter and has been referred to on calendars since.


1:00pm is when students would normally start eating their lunch. As I am sure you can appreciate the last day of the year is not the most productive and so rather than coming back to class for 20 minutes after lunch, we will end the 2018 school year at lunchtime after students return to class after our final whole school assembly.


As reported previously arrangements were put in place for OSHC will begin as soon as school is dismissed. Bookings however are not limited.



Staff met this morning and have decided upon the following adjustments to ensure student safety and wellbeing due to the projected high temperature.

  1. The concert start will be delayed until 7:00pm, with the pre-concert items now starting at 6:30pm
  2. Therefore children now need to report to their classrooms at 6:45pm
  3. Teachers will limit the time the students will be outside watching items, spending 10 to 15 minutes in their air-conditioned rooms prior to their performance and another 10 to 15 minutes afterwards before coming to watch some other performances
  4. We will maximise the use of any shade if we can still view the performances
  5. Parents may choose to collect their child and leave to go home after your child performs, however you will need to do so from the classroom once the students leave the stage
  6. We ask that you do not collect your child while they are sitting on the grass when other classes are performing
  7. Teachers will continue to monitor their students during the night and younger students in particular may spend less time outside than the older students
  8. All classes will be on the oval watching the final acts
  9. We have hired 2 mist fans to help with the heat
  10. We understand that parents and caregivers know their children the best, so if these adjustments do not meet your needs please don’t come to the concert


If your child is attending please ensure that:

  • they have eaten and are hydrated before reporting to the classroom
  • sunscreen is applied before coming
  • they have a sun safe hat
  • they have a water bottle



Parents and carers are welcome to bring shade shelters however they will need to be set up in the nominated areas at the back and on the sides. Please look after yourself.

School Concert update

School Concert Update


The weather forecast for tomorrow is for a maximum of 39 degrees. This is unfortunate, however logistically it is not possible to reschedule the concert to another time due to the availability of the many others who provide the necessary equipment and food options. This date is booked with these providers many months in advance. Our suppliers have other commitments to honour on Friday or next week. We either need to go ahead with some modifications or cancel it completely. We have spent too much time and effort to consider cancelling. As the concert does not start until 6:30pm, we anticipate that it will be a little cooler by this time.

As a school we will ensure that our students are not sitting in the direct sunlight for the whole 90 minutes. Staff are meeting before school tomorrow to consider measures and put plans in place to protect our students and staff. We will completely understand if some families and the elderly choose not to attend. Any parents, relatives and caregivers need to make sure they come prepared to sit on the oval and also protect themselves. We are fortunate that it is on the oval as some families may choose to erect some sun shade protection at the very back or side where they will still see and hear the concert. So in short, we will ensure we look after the students and we ask those attending to take every measure to look after themselves, even if this means not coming.


2019 Year 7 Polo and Jumper orders DUE THIS FRIDAY 07/12/2018

To the Parents/Caregivers of current year 6 students

Order forms for the 2019 CLGPS Year 7 Polo and Jumper were sent home a few weeks ago after the students tried on sample jumpers and polo’s and their name and suggested size has been filled in on the order form.

The cost:

JUMPERS Size 10 – 16Y is $56.00 (GST inclusive)

JUMPERS Size S – 3XL is $66.00 (GST inclusive)

POLO TOP (all sizes) is $45.00 (GST inclusive)

Both must be paid with the order. If you are unable to make a full payment at this time, please contact Stef Marston in the front office and she will be happy to organise a payment plan.

Orders must be returned with payment (or payment arrangement made) no later than 7th DECEMBER 2018

No late orders will be accepted. For the jumpers there will be no extra sizes ordered. No refunds.


End of year Concert is still going ahead!

Many parents have contacted us in regard to the predicted temperature for Thursday.

This year’s end of year concert will proceed as planned.

The temperature for the start of the concert will be below 36 degrees which is the benchmark we use for our hot weather policy.

We advise parents to make sure children apply sunscreen prior to returning to school for the concert, bring a cold/ frozen drink with them and bring their hat to wear during the concert.


CLG Leadership team