Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

The Colonel Light Gardens & District Inter Church Council are raising money to support their funding of the school CPSW positions in the area. Hot cross buns at Easter time are a major fundraiser for them. Last week you would have received an order form. If you are interested in buying some hot cross buns, please fill in the order form and return it to the front office WITH THE CORRECT MONEY BY NEXT FRIDAY,  15th MARCH.

No late orders will be accepted.

Orders will be delivered to students’ classrooms during week 9.

Spare order forms are available from the Front Office.

Instrumental Flute lessons

Instrumental Flute Lessons at Colonel Light Gardens PS.-An Opportunity exists now! Students in years 5 – 7 can access free instrumental lessons provided by the DECD Instrumental Music Service. An Opportunity exists for students from Colonel Light Gardens to learn Flute. There are also band lessons several times a term at Edwardstown PS, where all the students play together. Carpooling is recommended. Skill on a musical instrument takes a long time to develop and requires students to make an individual commitment. Students need to practice their instrument most days (with support and encouragement from their family). We will work in Band towards school performances that are fun and highly rewarding. Our present students have performed both within and outside the school community, with some individuals rising to the challenge of the Primary Schools Festival of Music Orchestra, The Primary Schools Wind Ensemble, the annual Concert Band Workshop and have gained entry to one of the Special Interest Music Centres. Costs: Lessons are free BUT you will need to borrow, buy or hire an instrument. Instruments are available for hire through the Instrumental Music Service for $180 per year. If you intend on hiring an Instrumental Music Service Instrument, you will receive an invoice for your instrument hire from your school in Term 1, 2013. For further information, please see Wayne Hunt, Marian Woodlands or email Sally Eads at