Change to School Times for 2014

Dear Parents

There were some questions today about when the decision was made to change the finish time of the school day.

The decision was made in November last year after a thorough and lengthy examination by staff and consultation of every family of the school community.

Please see below an excerpt of the newsletter article outlining the eventual decision.

 Change to School Times for 2014

The school day will finish at 3.10pm from the first day of 2014.

As you are all aware, the school must make changes to its timetable in 2014 to meet the requirements of the latest Enterprise Bargaining (EB) Agreement that defines employment conditions for teachers in South Australia.  All schools are slightly different in the manner in which they organise their timetables. For CLG the result of the new Agreement is that we must reduce our face to face teaching time by 50 minutes over a week.

Given the experience of other schools in the area, the Governing Council asked staff to consider how this saving could be made with the least impact on student learning.  The result of their deliberation was a recommendation that was put to the school community for comment. It’s fair to say that there was a great deal of comment!
With this feedback in hand, Governing Council asked the school to accommodate a ten minute per day saving which will mean that the school day will finish at 3.10pm from the first day of 2014. This is not a perfect solution and will never please all members of the school community but in trying to balance the needs of students, staff and parents, we believe that it is the best compromise.
I’d like to thank staff for the considerable time spent examining all options.
John Harvey, Governing Council Chairperson

November 7th 2013

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