There has been one confirmed case of Measles in the Reception cohort at CLG.

Measles is highly contagious.

Attached is the page from “You’ve got what?” from SA Health. Please familiarise youself with symptoms and treatment.


1 thought on “Measles

  1. Katrin Rauter

    Hi there,
    thank you very much for sending the information regarding measles. As you mention, its highly contagious. I have a child (Alina Ewer) in Veronica Schiccitano’s class. Alina is vaccinated. I however have an immune disorder, and take medication that specifically warns against the risk of exposure to things like measles. I am probably immune due to childhood exposure, but this is not medically confirmed. Should the measles spread, I am likely to catch it too, and I am working in close proximity with pregnant women.
    Can we as parents be kept closely updated please should the measles spread. I will need to take extra precautions to protect those around me should I be exposed.


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