The Fun Begins!

Fences have been erected around the first areas to have the bitumen replaced and they cut the school in half! You can no longer walk from Doolette to Grange through the school yard. We will be going out of the school grounds and along the Mortlock path for a few days.

Access to the school has changed, with the entrance between Mortlock and the Hall closed as well as the access from the laneway near the bike shed.

The laneway will be closed on occasion during the next two weeks, so definitely don’t park there or rely on it for ‘Kiss and Drop’ – use West Parkway for that.

We will lose the western bike shed, but they have built us a bike enclosure on the basketball court. I would suggest that children in Lower Mortlock, Reade and Doolette use that bike enclosure. Students in Grange and Upper Mortlock should use the eastern bike shed.

The exciting part is that work is due to be completed before Easter, in time for our 90th birthday!

Thank you for your patience,

Sue Woollard


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