Daily Archives: May 23, 2017

**Year 7 parents** ED 176 forms due back BY FRI 26/05 (this week)

A reminder to all parents of current Year 7 students – all ‘Enrolment Forms for Year 8’ – forms must be returned by Friday May 26th (end of week 4, term 2) and will then be collated and submitted to DECD. Irrespective of whether your child is going to private schooling, interstate, overseas etc these forms need to be returned with this information. It is vitally important that we stick to this timeline. Thanks in anticipation of your attendance to this matter.

Also, if parents are seeking a sibling right enrolment to an ‘out of school zone’ application, you must attach a copy of the older sibling’s current Student Photo ID to the application. If your child has been accepted to a particular school, please make sure you tick the corresponding box.