Week 9 Newsletter – 27th March 2013

It is a normal school day tomorrow, we do not finish early. Have a safe and enjoyable break over the Easter long weekend!

If you haven’t already collected your hot cross bun orders, they are available from the Front Office tomorrow morning (Thurs) otherwise, they will be delivered to students during the day.

28th March

Enterprise Skills Day outline

1 thought on “Week 9 Newsletter – 27th March 2013

  1. Kara Smernik

    Regarding the Uniform Review: My daughters have lovely polarfleece jackets with collars for Girl Guides that dry quicker, keep their colour better and last longer than fleecy lined jackets. I highly recommend going to polarfleece for the jackets if you change the uniform. Unfortunately it might be too late for us.


    , dry quicker


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