Some class photos need to be retaken on Monday 12th August- please read on….

Hi everyone,

Due to circumstnaces beyond our control (a faulty card in the camera), the whole class photos that were taken on Friday 26th July need to be retaken.

Photos will be taken from 9am on Monday 12th August, for the following classes, in this order:

Room 21

room 01

room 12

room 24

room 14

room 20

room 18

room 23

The SRC exec photo will not be retaken on this day. It will be taken on Friday 1st November when we take the Term 4 Reception photos.

We are sorry for any inconveniance this has caused but is is beyond our control.

Please contact Louisa Guest by phone (8276 1523) or email if you have any questions.


CLG Leadership team

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