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Reminder DISCOS today/ tonight

Students Disco on Thursday 27th June, with all money raised going towards the SRC goal of replacing playground equipment. The theme is ‚ÄėSports Players and Sports fans‚Äô. The disco times are:

R/1                   During lunch (Entry $2, which includes chips and a drink)

Years 2-4:         5pm to 6:15pm (Entry $3, drinks $1.50, chips $1.00 and glow sticks 2 for 50c)

Years 5-7:         6:30 to 8:00pm (Entry $3, drinks $1.50, chips $1.00 and glow sticks 2 for 50c)

For safety reasons, at the end of the two evening sessions, students will be asked to wait on the verandah outside the gym door until they are met by an adult. Please ensure that you are on time collecting your child.

School Photographs

School photographs will be next term on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July (first week of term 3).

Class and individual photos will be on both days and family photos will be taken on Friday.

Any students who are absent on Thursday will be able to have their individual photo taken on Friday. It is not possible to ‚Äúcatch up‚ÄĚ whole class photos due to time constraints and the size of our school.

Photo envelopes were sent home today.

A photo schedule will be out in the next newsletter. Please send photo envelopes with the correct money to school on the day your child is having their photos taken. Your child’s teacher will collect them and take them to the photographers.

Family photo envelopes are now available from the Front Office.

Attention Parents / Caregivers

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Two incidents in the last week, one during school hours and one reported by the CLG Football Club, have involved a man being overly interested in children playing sport on Mortlock Oval.  In both instances, the man left on a bicycle.

We have informed coaches of soccer and football and our school and OSHC staff.

It is important that parents pick up their children promptly from sports practice and games and do not leave siblings to wander around the school and park while practices are being held.


CLG Leadership

Need duplicate reports for your children?

Please read the attached document if you require a duplicate report for your child/ren.

As it says in the attachment, most families can share children’s reports.¬† If this is not possible, please fill in the form as indicated and return to Louisa Guest via the front office by Monday 24th June

Microsoft Word – request for duplicate reports 2013 sem 1

If you already made this request last year, we still have the information on file


Louisa Guest

Assistant Principal