2 thoughts on “Proposed change to 2014 school times

  1. Brenton Larwood

    Not being familiar with the 2012 teachers EBA and the requirement that needs to be met, makes it difficult for parents like myself to really comment.
    I am wondering, as I am sure many parents are, after all this time what has changed?
    The parents of the school should have this issue explained to them properly and then actual options allowed to be put forward from both staff and parents.
    I look forward to the EBA requirements in relation to this matter being properly explained to parents so then a range of options can be put forward. Then maybe a satisfactory outcome for the majority of parties can be obtained.

    1. Louisa Guest

      Thank you for your feedback and questions. It is always difficult to know how much detail to provide, especially in educational issues full of acronyms! I hope the blogpost today answers your questions.


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