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Safety Alerts

Dear Parents,
There has been media interest today about school procedures following student safety alerts, so I thought it was timely to go through our procedures at CLGPS.
Whenever a student in a local school reports being approached by a stranger in a suspicious way, the local schools all receive an ALERT notification.
This is passed on to all staff, including OSHC staff. Classroom teachers revisit safety routines with the class and practise problem-solving scenarios, such as ‘What would you do if–?’  Teachers on duty are asked to be especially vigilant and often members of the leadership team will go on duty as an extra pair of eyes.
I know parents also revisit safety strategies and before/after school procedures and expectations with their child on a regular basis.
None of the alerts have involved any students from our school. Should this ever occur we will notify parents through a blog post.
One of the key student messages we reinforce with the students is to walk/ride home from school and around the neighbourhood out of school hours in a group or with a friend.
Sue Woollard Principal

Week 10 important information

Hats On!
It’s time to look for those school hats before Thursday’s Sports Day. Please also ensure your child has applied sun screen before coming to school on Sports Day.
 Influenza A 
Please be aware that there have been 2 cases of Influenza A confirmed at CLG, one in a reception class and another in the Year 3 cohort.
Influenza is spread when someone with influenza coughs or sneezes or by hand contact. Most people recover within a week and symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches and cold-like symptoms.  The infectious period is usually from 1 day before onset of symptoms to up to 7 days afterwards.
Children should be excluded from school until there has been no fever for 24 hours.

Week 8 info

Lots of handouts and information went home today. Please check school bags for all these goodies 🙂

*Year 3, 5 & 7 Naplan results

*Individual School Photos 


*Sushi AND Subway order forms for Sports Day (orders due back BY 12 noon on WED 17th SEPT).

No late orders can be accepted, sorry.


RE: Monday 1st September 2014

Dear Parents,

Parents may have heard about the busy time we had on Monday. Two staff members became unwell, from quite different conditions and ambulances were called. Louisa Guest (our Assistant Principal) and Sylvia Gould (Finance Officer) both had a stay in hospital.
Thank you to all the children and parents who have inquired about their well-being. We are happy to report that they are recovering nicely. Sylvia Gould should be back at school in week 9.
Louisa Guest is going on Long Service Leave (already planned) and will be replaced as Assistant Principal by Kim Boothey. Physical Education will be taken by regular relief teacher Wendy Burrill.

Sue Woollard

Play Is The Way Parent Workshop – Tomorrow (3rd Sept) TICKETS are still available

In term 1, the Governing Council held a very successful parenting workshop with Mark Le Messurier on “Parenting Styles”.  Our follow up workshop (FREE!) is provided by Wilson McAskill, the writer of our school social program, “Play is the Way”.  Wilson’s theme is “Children aren’t made of China”  While not a parenting workshop per se, this event will give you the language to develop your own parenting style using the Play is the Way philosophy.

There are plenty of tickets left – please see Adele at the front desk for yours – or you can phone through and we can send home via your child.


Free Parent Workshop

‘Play Is The Way’

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

CLG School Gym

6.30pm – 8.00pm.