Play Is The Way Parent Workshop follow up

Parents who attended the Play Is The Way workshop on Wednesday 10th September – there is a handout available for you. Please collect your copy from the Front Office 🙂

1 thought on “Play Is The Way Parent Workshop follow up

  1. Libby

    I would like to say we really valued the workshop. The content and way it which it was presented was outstanding. Having attended we now have a better understanding of how this programme is being used across the school and how we can support it by using the same language with our own children at home.

    I feel that the name Play is the Way doesn’t do it justice. I have a feeling parents were perhaps less inclined to come along, thinking it was about Play… when there is actually so much more to it. If CLGPS is fortunate enough to host the parent workshop again, I would recommend a rundown of what it is all about to encourage parents to attend. Those of us who did were very pleased we were able to.

    Thanks so much. Wilson was such a great presenter and made it simple to understand and practical to try at home.


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