16 thoughts on “CLG Canteen now has Slushies!!

  1. Bronwyn

    Ohhh really…..thats not what i would call a healthy choice for a school canteen!!! Feeling sorry for the teachers that will have to deal with sugured up kids!!!

  2. Ashley Blight

    The slushies are fruit juice based and meet the Right Bite guidelines as an ‘amber’ product. I will post the full ingredients soon. A new canteen price list is being finalised and will be sent out in the coming weeks.

    1. Amanda Rebbeck

      Gah! I’d rather that there were no amber foods at all Ashley! Oh well, it’s just another canteen item my kids will hassle me about but will never get to try…..

    2. Ashley Blight

      Ingredients: Pear juice concentrate, water, acidity regulator (330), natural colours, preservatives (211,202)

  3. Mihaela

    My daughter is in reception and I have tried to purchase a school summer dress from school uniform shop/ Devon shop but was told they sold out (size 6 or 8) and will not be getting more in until the end of the school term! My little girl feels a little out of place wearing leggings/skorts and polo shirt, especially on warmer days, as she said most girls in her class wear the dress.
    Does anyone have a dress, in good condition, they no longer need, that they’d like to sell please?

    1. tom

      Hi Mihaela,

      I think this in the wrong thread, but hopefully you see this as I can see your post here.

      My wife purchased 2 of these from a uniform shop on Goodwood Road yesterday for less than what they would cost at Devon. They had more of sizes 6 and 8 in the summer dresses. I think they used to supply the school but did not get the current tender.

      We have struggled to get enough uniforms for our daughter. Seems to have been a very poor procurement process considering uniform is a “must have” for the school. Although, I must say that I think the school is wonderful.



    2. Sarah madigan

      I managed to find a size six dress at the school uniform shop on goodwood road next to barnicale bills and the still had a few left when I went Thursday. Good luck

  4. Chris

    Maybe a good idea would be just frozen orange juice , just as messy!! would rather see this at 7-11 than school but i am just a parent !

  5. Marie

    I’m a little surprised by the whinging comments about the slushies – if you dont like it then don’t let your kids buy them – simple. Nobody is forcing you to buy it (especially not your kids). I think it’s a great idea as a treat on a super hot day.

    1. Mandy

      I am personally pleased to hear that so many parents are complaining! Unfortunately this is just ANOTHER item that my kids won’t be purchasing. In fact, we don’t use the canteen much at all for this very reason. It’s a shame that $$$ dictate what is sold there rather than common sense.

  6. Ashley Blight

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the (varied) feedback, although this is the not best forum to continue debating the issue. If you have concerns about any of the canteen’s products please feel free to submit your thoughts in writing to the Canteen Committee or Governing Council. Thanks.


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