Daily Archives: October 20, 2014

Have Your Say!

In Term 4 last year 111 parents accessed the Parent Opinion Survey to provide feedback to our school. We appreciated the time and effort given and hope parents can see action as a result of their feedback. Some were easy to action in the short term and others will take several years to achieve. Key actions that have arisen as a result of this feedback include, but are not limited to:

  • Swimming lessons moved indoors
  • A grounds plan developed and grounds renewal begun. This is at least a three year process.
  • Teacher training in differentiating curriculum begun and attention paid to students at both ends of the achievement ‘spectrum’ (this is an ongoing work in progress).

If you have comments to offer to help our school in its quest for continuous improvement – now is the time! Ideas, accolades, criticisms, suggestions and offers of support are all very welcome. There are only 16 questions and plenty of opportunity to comment as well, if you wish.

To access the survey go to


and paste in the survey code NAYDbdVa

Many thanks



Sue Woollard