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CLGPS Film Project for the Anzac Day Centenary

Dear families,

As you would have seen in the newsletter blogpost on 13th January 2015, we applied for and won a grant to celebrate the Anzac Day Centenary.

We intend to produce a 15-20 minute film about WWI and the meaning of ANZAC Day in a local context as told and shown by the children.  This film will involve our entire school community and will become a piece of history in itself.

We have created a special blog website for our project. We strongly suggest that you and your extended family subscribe to the blog so you receive all the latest updates. The blog can be found at www.clgpsanzac.edublogs.org We would love you to share this blog with the wider community, your friends and families.

Our CLG Primary School site was originally part of the Mitcham Army Camp, used for WWI training (including Light Horse) from 1915 to 1920. The camp extended through the majority of present-day Colonel Light Gardens.  The more people we can involve in telling our story, the better! Keep an eye out for when we ask for family stories, artefacts, etc to include in our film.

Each child attending CLG in 2015 needs a special permission form signed by parents for his/her image/creative work/audio to be included in this historic film. All students need to return this form to us, even if permission is not given. A paper copy of this form is being sent home on Monday 2nd March. Please return the completed form to your child’s teacher by Friday 13th March 2015.

Any adults appearing in the film as volunteers in classrooms, guest speakers, on excursions, etc will also need to complete a release form which will be provided at the time of filming.

Please contact

Louisa.Guest741@schools.sa.edu.au or Sue.Woollard725@schools.sa.edu.au if you have any questions about this exciting project.