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SAPSASA Soccer Trials – Term 1, Weeks 10 and 11

Trial date, time, venue

Wednesday, April 1 and April 8

Lunchtime, 1:10-1:50 PM at Mortlock Park


Students must be in year 6 or 7.

Students must be signed up for one of the school soccer teams or are a proficient player.

Selection criteria

Students will be selected based on the following criteria, with an aim of organizing the strongest team possible:-

1) Skills / technique.

2) Effort & attention (mind on the job, ready for action, watching what’s going on, effort for the ball/position, not waiting for the ball to come to them)

3) Attitude (listens to the coach, not disruptive to the group, wants to get on with it & win)

Try-out procedure

1) 1:10-1:15   Sign up

2) 1:10-1:20   Warm up

3) 1:20-1:30   Skills exercise

4) 1:30-1:50   Scratch match


Students need to arrive ready to play (boots, shinpads, water) on Mortlock Oval at 1.10pm. Students line up and get names ticked off making sure that the list has name, class, soccer experience, preferred position. Students are given a numbered bib.

A team will be decided on and the successful students will be notified on Thursday 9th April.

Any queries please contact Mrs Boothey

Team coaches: Sam Dyer and Matthew Martin