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Kidz Biz Family Life Sessions

CLGPS will be hosting a Growth & Development Family Evening on

Wednesday 1st June 2016

The sessions are conducted by Kidz Biz Education and are designed to be fun, informative and easy to understand. These highly interactive sessions will provide students and their parents / care providers with an introduction to basic personal and social development education; traditionally known as the ‘facts of life’. By all means, sessions will be facilitated in a manner that is not conducive to an awkward or threatening environment.

There will be two sessions run on the evening. The duration of each session will be approximately 50 minutes . Please complete the form and return to the school office NB we still need the form returned even if you are paying online. The topics covered in each are:

Session 1:    ‘Where Did We Come From’ (suitable for Reception to Year 4 students)

Commencing at 6.40pm and concluding at 7.30pm

  • Myths about where babies come from
  • Conception
  • The 9 months of foetal development
  • The birth process

Session (2)   ‘What’s Happening To Us” (suitable for Year 5 to 7 students)

Commencing at 7.40pm and concluding at 8.30pm

  • Puberty (physical and emotional)
  • Body image and media influences
  • Dealing with parent issues

At the end of each session, a list of recommended and age–appropriate books for both students and parents will be provided or alternatively they can be downloaded from the Kidz Biz website www.kidzbiz.edu.au

Please download this form   growth and dev family sessions 2016  and return page 2 to school before Friday 27th May 2016. Costs are $10 per family for one or two sessions.

Please contact Louisa.guest741@schools.sa.edu.au with any questions.