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 – Saturday, July 2nd –

The school is going to be having a polling booth in the hall and, in conjunction with the Sports Committee, we will be running a sausage sizzle/ cake stall.

So while you are at Netball, Soccer, or coming down to vote, support us buy purchasing a sausage in bread or two and cakes. Coffee Van will be there too.

Can you help us with any cake/biscuit donations?
 Please drop off at the Hall Kitchen – Friday, 1st July
at drop off or pick up.

More fundraising dollars towards the target of $20 000.  Money raised will be used to renovate   

“The Loove” to a new kitchen/science space for our kids.

What an exciting idea!

LUTA tickets

LUTA tickets were sent home on Friday 17/6.

Please check your child’s bag if you haven’t yet received them.

Tickets that were purchased this week have also been sent home.

The Front Office does have a list of the seat allocations in need be.



The Oliphant Science Awards are an opportunity for students to work with their families to explore their interests and skills in science. 

There are a number of categories that students can enter including poster making, computer programming, models & inventions, to name a few. If you are interested in working with your child to submit an entry into one of the categories, please contact Jodie Cunningham to help you register by Wednesday 22nd June.


Registrations are due this Wednesday and entries need to be completed and  delivered to Findon by the end of July (these dates vary depending upon the category entered.)

The website is if you would like more information.


Rugby Tops

If you placed an order at the beginning of the term for the new long sleeve Rugby style top, and haven’t paid yet, please phone through your payment and collect your order. Unpaid orders are awaiting collection at the Front Office.

If you ordered and paid for a long sleeve rugby style top, they went home today. Please check your child’s bag.

If you are interested in purchasing a long sleeve rugby style top, the next order is being filled soon, so don’t miss out. Tops are $38.50. Order forms are available on the school website, from the front office or download the one attached to this post.

Uniform Price List 2016

If you do contact Rachel (Uniform Shop Manager) via email ( ), please state your child’s name, class and that they are from CLG. Rachel works across two schools, and this information will assist her greatly. 🙂




The students will come home on Wednesday with their coloured T-shirt and need to wear this to the concert.

Students should wear plain dark long pants (e.g. their school uniform, navy or black) and plain shoes.


On the day of the 22nd June we will have a dress rehearsal at the Town Hall.

At this rehearsal, students will rehearse wearing their coloured T-Shirts and will need to change into them without the use of change rooms. Because of this, we ask that they wear singlets, crop or tank tops under their school uniform and suggest that their school polos/T-shirts are labelled with their names.

Students will leave our school by bus at 9:00am and return by 2:30pm. Students MUST have a signed permission form to travel on the bus. This was attached to the blue LUTA note. Please pack lunch, recess and water in a small bag/back-pack in disposable wrappings. No phones, iPads or other devices permitted.


The concert starts at 7:00pm promptly and we hope to conclude at 8:30pm. Please bring your child to the designated pickup/drop off point at 6:20pm. Your child must greet the teacher and be marked on the roll. You are then free to go to your own seats. You do not need to stay with your child.


Each class has been given a particular place to meet. The areas are:

Room 11, 12, 16 and 19 : Prince Alfred room (1st floor: located to the right of the main staircase)

Rooms 8 and 21 : The far end of the Main Foyer (on the 1st floor)

Rooms  2, 3 :  The Northern Gallery

Rooms 20 and 9 : The Southern Gallery

Room 1 and 4: David Spence Room (2nd Floor)

Rooms 17 and 18 : Southern Gallery Mezzanine Floor (above Southern Gallery on 2nd floor)

The students will be shown their designated area at rehearsal during the day on Wednesday, so they will be able to show you the way.

When you pick up your child from the designated area after the performance please make sure they say goodbye to the teacher and get marked off the roll. This is an important safety precaution. If they are not marked off the roll, we will consider them missing.


A program will be available as you enter, free of charge.


The Adelaide Town Hall recommends the use of the Topham Mall, Grote St or Central Market UPark.

All of these have a Flat $8.00 fee after 6 pm and are open until midnight. Information about all Uparks is at


In the interest of student privacy and safety, our school’s privacy policy requests that parents do not post photos/video containing other people’s children to the internet. Copyright laws do not allow postings of any audio to the internet.

The school will film the event on video and will make copies per class that families can borrow to watch.


We hope parents and families enjoy the performance.



Last Chance – 100 seats left! Lighting Up The Arts

If you wish to be seated with your other ticket holders at LUTA on Weds June 22nd, you will need to purchase your extra tickets BEFORE Thursday (16th June) evening!  There is now no limit on the number of tickets that families can have.

You can still purchase online or at the front office window today or tomorrow.

Seating allocation is happening this Friday.
If you wish to purchase a ticket AFTER Friday 17th June, you can but you would not be able to sit as a group, with your original booking, as seats will have already been allocated.


LUTA committee