Dear Parents/Guardians,
Our school is participating in the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart program and we would love your support!
Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is an exciting and non-competitive program which encourages children to become more active through skipping, learning new skills and raising vital funds for heart research and community health programs. 
Skipping is an excellent way for children to keep fit and healthy. Over the next few weeks, your child(ren) will be learning a range of fun skipping skills and new tricks. We will emphasise the importance of regular physical activity and the importance of healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.
Jump Rope for Heart is also a great way to encourage children to get involved in our community and support Australia’s leading heart health charity, the Heart Foundation. The Jump Rope team provides us with lots of resources and support to implement the program and in return we ask that students help by seeking sponsorship for their involvement.
• A secure fundraising page will be created as soon as you register; and then you are encouraged to share this link with as many people as possible. This is an easy, safe way for your child to monitor their progress, receive bonus prizes and even receive sponsorship from family and friends who are further afield.
At the end of the program we will be holding a Jump Off, an event to celebrate and culminate the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart program.  This will be held on Tuesday 16th August starting at 2pm.  The Jump Off day is a great opportunity for you to witness how much fun skipping can be, come along and pick up a rope!
Let your teacher know when your child(ren) has finished fundraising online. You may like to print out a copy of the donations received online.
Thank you for joining us in the fight against heart disease.
Yours sincerely,
Kim Bothey
PE Specialist Teacher/ Jump Rope for Heart School Coordinator

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