Oliphant Science Awards

The Oliphant Science Awards are a wonderful opportunity for students from R-7 to develop their interests in science through a competition with a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests.

Categories include;

  • Computer programming and Robotics
  • Models and Inventions
  • Posters
  • Crystal investigation
  • Multimedia
  • Science Writing
  • Games Photography
  • Scientific Inquiry

The Awards are run independently to the school program which means if students are interested in entering they do all the work in their own time.

If your child is interested in entering the awards at a cost of $15.50 per entry they can download a registration form on the SASTA website www.sasta.asn.au and return the registration form along with the $15.50 fee to the school by 3pm Wednesday 18th of June.

For further information regarding the awards please visit the SASTA website www.sasta.asn.au

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